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Lidder Kashmir  
! The whisper evokes a portrait of beauty: the stunning snow capped peaks of the Himalayas: flower strewn valleys dazzling the eye with all the colors of the rainbows and lakes, with floating gardens, teeming with wildlife. Kashmir has a strong spiritual essence; the aura of the surrounding beauty makes it a place to commune closely with nature and ones inner being.

Today World is beginning to realize that modern Kashmir, is once again, becoming a place to unwind !

Kasheer Online Offers the Treasure of Information, the encyclopedia of Kashmir !

Kashmir Culture
Multifaceted, multicolored and unique  
Distinct from the rest of the country, Kashmir sports a multifaceted, multicolored and unique cultural blend with an over-reigning harmony blends in with the serenity and beauty of the region

Kashmir Tourism
Kashmir Tourism
Top Tourist Destination throughout the World !  
Kashmir is a land where myriad holiday ideas are realized and this keeps every visitor interested on each visit he makes to Kashmir.

Kashmir Environment
Kashmir Environment
Splendid and Natural  
Kashmir is a happy combination of the mighty splendor of mountains, of lovely glades and forests. The onlooker will find nature wild and vibrant wherever he may go in the country.

Kashmir Red Stag
Kashmir Flora and Fauna
Diverse and Rich  
Kashmir is rich in the cultural diversity of the people, as well as diversity of flora and fauna in the forest areas, and domesticated species outside the forest.

Kashmir papier-mache
Kashmir Art and Crafts
Artistic Genius of Kashmir  
The artistic genius of the Kashmiri people is expressed in the fields of art and crafts, shawl-making, embroidery, embroidered floor-coverings, wood-work and wood-carving, papier-mâché and metal-work..

Kashmir Wazwan
Kashmiri Cuisine
Unique and Peculiar    
Kashmiri cuisine, comprising mostly of non-vegetarian dishes has a peculiar quality of its own which makes it different from the Country Food.

Kashmir Musicians
Kashmiri Music
Distinct and Diverse  
A unique Blend of Music that has evolved encompassing the music of the 3 regions-Central Asia, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia ...

Kashmir Poetry
Poetry and Literature of Kashmir
Mystic, ancient  and Vast  
The Beauty of Kashmir alone is not just enough. Kashmir has captured within its territories the Jewels of Poets and Literary Geniuses.......

Mahjoor Kashmir
Kashmir Personalities
Unparallel and Famous  
History has witnessed the Genius of Kashmiri Personalities through all ages who have exhibited the fine qualities of Leadership, Talent and Genius ....

Kashmir Pictures
Kashmir Wallpapers
Scintillating , Breathtaking and Beautiful  
It is rightly said that "A picture is Worth Thousand Words". The Beauty of Kashmir cannot be described all in words and that's why we present the beauty of Kashmir online ...

Kashmir Blog
Kashmir Blog
Your Own Kashmir Community on Net  
An open blog on Kashmir, a platform for wide ranging of discussions on Kashmir, Social,  Economic or Political....

Kashmir Downloads
Kashmir Downloads
Photos, Music, Videos ...  
Download Free Kashmir Music, Ringtone, Screensaver, Video, Picture anything which we mange for your free downloading....
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Gulmarg Kashmir
Best Season: All the 4 Seasons!  
Gulmarg's legendary beauty, prime location and proximity to Srinagar naturally make it one of the premier hill resorts in the country.

Best Season: May till August  
Situated at the confluence of the streams flowing from Sheshnag Lake and the Lidder river, Pahalgam is one of the popular hill stations in Asia.

Nishat Kashmir
Mughal Gardens
Best Season: May till October  
With terraced lawns, cascading fountains, paint-box-bright flowerbeds with the panorama of the Dal Lake in front of them - the Mughal Gardens of Kashmir are a Tourists delight...

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